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What is the Brand Adventure?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

When I started my first business, I was so excited to start something of my own. I felt like I was entering uncharted territory. It didn't take me long to recognize that traveling this new territory was not going to be all peaches and sunshine.

After hitting my 5th wall and wondering why I was even trying to run a business, I started reading as much as I could. I didn't have the experience, so I was going to try and use others experiences to help me. In large part, I learned some very useful things that I was able to implement.

The strategies were helpful and absolutely worth doing, but most of what I was reading was either super theoretical or highly in the weeds tactical. What I was missing was a process that helped link the theoretical to the tactical. That is when I started to wrestle brand to the ground. I knew that branding was the answer. Thus began a journey to uncover the adventure of brand.

People start businesses for different reasons. Maybe you want to start the next Amazon or maybe you just want a niche business that allows you to live a certain type of lifestyle. Whatever the reason, whatever you are trying to get to is the reason to start a business. The type of business you start is the vehicle in which you choose to get there. Building your brand is the adventure that ensues along the way.

When you are intentional about your brand, you enter the adventure with a compass and supplies. You have a goal and know what you are looking for on your way to the destination. You are prepared and in control. This does not mean that you will not experience turbulence, but it does mean that you are more prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

Keep in mind, regardless of whether you recognize it or not, your brand exists... Thus the adventure will be had. When you ignore your brand, the adventure is more unpredictable and your more likely to experience shifts and changes that leave you confused and wandering. Turbulence is more likely to create catastrophic setbacks. In some circumstances, you could even be sabotaging the adventure at the same time as you are trying to advance it.

You can have the business you dreamed of when you started and getting it can be an exciting adventure. Don't settle for owning a job and don't dread getting up in the morning working for yourself. Take control and have an adventure. Build your business with brand.

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