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Social Made Easy

Our social media packages are designed for businesses looking to get into social media with consistent, branded posts. We have inexpensive packages that allow businesses to get into the social media game, growing organic and engaged followers.

77.6% of small businesses report using social media to promote their businesses.

90% of brands use social media to drive awareness.


How much does each package cost?

Each package has a base and we work hard to keep the base cost as the actual final cost. In our initial conversation about social media management, we will be upfront about the cost and what you are getting with it. Please contact us for base pricing and your specific needs are in order to give you the most accurate price. 

What type of posts do you do?

The types of posts that we create for your social channels will be based on what you are trying to accomplish with your social media. Click here to see different types of posts that we have done and can do for your company. 

Do I approve posts before being posted?

During our initial strategy session we will discuss the dos and don'ts in regards to your social media accounts. We will strictly adhere  to this. We will get approval for the templates that we will use for posting to your social media prior to our first posting. Once they have been approved, we will schedule posts to your account using those templates. If you wish to approve of all posts before posting, we will set up an approval process for an additional fee. 

What will I need to provide for post?

Our goal is to make social media as low maintenance for you as possible. We have some processes in place that keep your time to a minimum in providing content. This will all be discussed in our initial conversation and solidified in our strategy session. Different businesses require different amounts of involvement when it comes to content. Based on your goals, we will ensure that you are only having to provide content that will be high value with minimum effort on your part. 

Are there additional costs for post boosts and such?

The purpose of our social media package is to make sure your social media accounts are receiving high value, consistent and brand awareness building posts. This helps build your social media accounts organically and to start to identify the best return for social media activity. We do not use post boosts or other paid avenues of building your social media following with these packages. As we build out your social media presence, if you become interested in paid services to grow your social media following, we would discuss that separately at an additional charge. 


Below are examples of posts we created at Gaard Studios as well as posts we have created for some of our awesome clients.

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